Our Motto

Flavour is not the only thing we deliver.

Fritzies Bakers is one of the most premium bakery in New York from past 14 years because of its high quality cakes and bakery products. We have a special taste in our products which keeps our customers on the mode of “need more” and that is why we have the highest rate of returning customers, be it their daily need of bakery items or special events or occasions. Our products are of highest quality and are prepared in hygienic environment under the supervision of expert chefs and quality controllers. We keep an eye on the whole process i.e. from ingredient selection to processing them and from baking to packing, everything meets a strict level of perfection.


Frtizies is just not like any other bakery in the town, rather we are focused on developing a relationship with our customers via our quality of products and everlasting taste. Since its inception, we are determined towards building a community for our products rather than just being an ordinary sellers of bakery items, if we would have focused on that, we would have only been just an ordinary bakery, but our approach towards forming a brand in taste has made us extra ordinary.


We don’t sell everything but and that limitation is not because are we are not capable, rather we want to establish a brand for our specialty i.e. letting our taste speak and forcing people to recognize our name when they eat something without knowing where that has been bought or prepared at. This approach has motivated us to put in our efforts for identifying a recipe that nobody else can match.


Being a Filipino bakery in New Jersey gives us an additional responsibility to highlight the taste of our homeland, especially for the Filipinos living here in New Jersey far away from their home town, so it’s more like developing an emotional connect rather than just selling what we make.


Being in New Jersey has given us a whole new horizon to capture i.e. to connect with locals also with our mouthwatering bakery items. Here is what we are expert at and why we deserve to be your number choice for all your bakery needs.